Volcano Hostels with Kilauea Crater and Iiwi
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Volcanoes National Park lava flow interior

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park stretches from over 13,600 feet above sea level to sea level. Most of the east side of Hawaii is over a fixed mantle "hot spot" - that has been in approximately the same place in the middle of the Pacific for over 70 million years. However, the earth's crust moves, and here it moves to the northwest, so the volcanic islands made by the hotspot have moved to the northwest as well. So, the oldest islands are progressively further to the northwest, and The Big Island is just the most recent island made by this fixed mantle hotspot.


Lava flow off of East Rift Zone of the Big Island


Room Rates | Policies | Updates  

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We have dormitory rooms and private rooms. All guests are welcome to kitchen, tv room, lady's and men's separate bathrooms, computer use, and other common room areas. Our room rates are as follows:

  • Dormitory style beds: per person per night
    $30.00  (includes tax)
    Sheets & blankets are included; but not a towel (towels are available for rent).
  • Private room with shared bath: 
    $80.00  (includes tax)
    Up to two persons, sheets, blankets, & towels included. * * Each additional person over 2 persons in any private room is $25.00 incl tax. 
  • Private room with private bath: 
    $105.00  (includes tax)
    Up to two persons, sheets, blankets, & towels are included. * * Each additional person over 2 persons in any private room is $25.00 incl tax.
  • Group rates and services:
    Please call or email about special group rates (12 or more pax), and services we can provide or facillitate. We have rooming with comfortable beds for up to 30 people, and our dining room can hold groups as well.
  • Laundry Facilities (fee based) available for guests

Policies | Updates

  • Daytime lockout is daily from 11am-4:30pm (we clean rooms during this time).
  • Free hot chocolate, tea, coffee, and internet for guests.
  • If you are staying in the dorms, you need to bring a towel or rent a towel from us.
  • Although we encourage campers, backpackers, hikers, bicyclers, and world travelers - we have a "no shoes" in the hostel policy. We include sheets, pillowcase, and blankets for each bed with the price.
  • Full free kitchen facilities available.
  • We have one computer, with hi speed internet, free for all guests (and free WiFi for your laptop).
  • Four public buses daily from Hilo: The Big Island-Hawaii Bus Schedule

Our Volcano hostel has Family and Small Group room with 3 double beds


Hostel bedding is provided


Private room with a modern bathroom


Private bathroom facilities in a private room

    P.O. Box 10  Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park HI, USA 96718 | Website: www.volcanohostel.com | Telephone: (808) 967-7950 | Email: holoholo@interpac.net